Our Variety of Products

We have a variety of different products that will satisfy the basic needs of your lovable pets.

New Product! Groomers Choice Dog Shampoo!

Dog Food

Choose from a variety of dog food brands featuring wet & dry varieties, natural formulas & limited ingredient recipes for a healthy diet.

Pet Treats

Choose from a variety of treats that your loving pet will surely enjoy. 

Dog Accessories (collars, leashes, harnesses)

Dog collars, harnesses and dog leashes are available that can help make sure your pet stays safe as they master the art of leash training or for just simply looking beautiful as a fashion accessory.

Pet Cages, Beds and Bags

Keep them cozy and comfortable. Choose from our different Cages, Beds and Bags to suit your every need. 

OTC Pet Medicines

We have a wide selection of over-the-counter pet medications for you to choose from that do not require a veterinarian prescription.

Pet Board and Lodging

Your pet's happiness is our priority. Our pet care facility will cater to the pet owner who wants the best care and accommodations for their pets. Your pet is watched over by an experienced, well trained, and caring staff while you are away.

Tick and Flea Treatment Baths

To ensure your pets get adequate control from fleas and ticks, we offer Tick and Flea Treatment Baths for treating flea problems.

Pet Soaps and Shampoos

Choose from a variety of Pet Soaps and Shampoos that will make sure your lovable pet is fresh and clean.